The Best Writing Coaches To Hire For Your Book

by Melissa Norman
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The Best Writing Coaches To Hire For Your Book

I started this blog many years before; however, I decided to finish it just now. In the past, I have behaved skeptically for writing coaches in general. I have even previously made a two-hour-long rant against publishing the packages charging an expensive rate. So, let’s start with, most books won’t earn money. Why is that? Because most books are not written to offer a pleasant time. I myself focus on educating people to write enjoyable books by focusing on the readers first, something which is not popular in the literary purist. Many writing coaches are just people with well-organized and time management skills. They are available to let you stay focused and optimistic by encouraging you and ensuring you stay on task. It is a noble pursuit by considering all things. Even if they don’t have that much actual expertise in the book writing procedure, their time and enthusiasm are valuable.  

I myself used to discredit this type of stuff as I am a loner. I preferred to suffer in silence rather than ranting. Still, tough deadlines and external support are effective, so it all comes down to what you need and how much you’re willing to pay for it. Since many people write a book, but few actually succeed in writing a book, the writing coaches can earn a lot of amounts by recognizing your insecurities and frustrations. We observe, think-process, and imagine a lot as authors and writers. After this procedure, we write everything on a piece of paper. Nothing needs to be wrong with this. We all do need support. However, if you are thinking to hire a book coach.

Here are some tips:  

  1. First of all, you have to read this post from Writer’s Digest on saving yourself from writing coach scams. There is a crazy world, and everybody wants to make money. All types of confident people are charging money as “Writing coaches,” even if they are not great at it. Or perhaps, if anybody can be a writing coach because isn’t much skill involved in it. I know some good people who are more friendly and sympathetic than I myself am.
  2. Secondly, you have to go through some of the materials on procrastination and productivity. These are the very experiences that stem mostly from inflated expectations, fear, or lack of experience. They can be handled and managed without feeling like you need to pay for help.
  3. Third, check the programs and courses. A lot of them have some type of social aspect, such as a Facebook group a weekly call. You don’t always need to pay for one-on-one time with a writing coach. You can always receive details relatively cheaply, but paying for someone’s time and energy will cost more, as it should.  


The going rate is $100 an hour, but you can expect to pay $500 for a 3-months program: weekly accountability emails and a few phone calls. It also depends on what you demand, what you require, and what service providers offer. For example, I avoid phone calls myself as an introvert. I would rarely ask to be contacted unless it is absolutely necessary. Whenever I am stuck on a story, I often talk to my husband and pretend to listen to him, whereas I ramble through my plot. It might sound odd, but this is how I get the ideas.  


Well, the answer to that could be confusing. Writing coaches are standing as Olympic coaches on the sidelines with whistle-blowing to ask you to run faster and faster. Coaches are for motivation and cheering you, to get you to take that next step, push through your personal fears and mental barriers. The coaches assist you in doing the work and get the work done by the deadline. I am an author; therefore, I think that I don’t have the nerves to motivate someone. However, I sometimes need a writing coach to motivate me to write something. Writing coaches are not the star of the event, it is eventually the runner, but their hard work is done behind. The audience always claps for the winner but never for the coaches.  

One thing that I don’t myself like about writing coaches is that I myself didn’t become one.

  • They don’t care what you write. They are hired to help you finish your goal. To improve your book, they will motivate you to perform better.  
  • I hate sports.  

You demand an inherently amazing book from external and internal qualities that people rave about and share with friends. You need a book which your readers would love to read till the end. So, I have talked enough about writing coaches’ pros and cons. Below, I will tell you the benefits of hiring a writing coach.  


  1. Writing coaches know the challenges that we author face in the writing process.  
  2. They provide us a wider exposure as this is what they have specialized in.  
  3. The writing coaches’ job is to keep the writers motivated and feel good about their writing piece. 
  4. They help us with the publishing strategy.  
  5. Writing coaches help us find new chances to flourish our writing careers. 


  • The key is to search for a writing coach who knows every aspect of the writing procedure.  
  • Before hiring a writing coach, you need to ask them about their qualification.  
  • See if they specialize in your genre.  
  • Have a look at the reviews and testimonials.  
  • Talk to them about the writers they have worked with.

Also, in the end, it depends on how you are in communication. Most writers need to find inspiration to write. However, many of us find motivation ourselves, so it also depends on you whether you need a writing coach to win the race or you could do it with self-motivation.   

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