6 Different Types of Creative Content Writers Should Know!!!

by Melissa Norman
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Content writing and creative content are both separate departments. However, they confuse us due to their relevance in words. These two functions distinctively when you search them up in detail.

So, what creative content writing is? Who are the content writers, and why should a passionate content writer stick to this career? How much can a writer earn? Creative writing is written from the writer’s personal expression, ideas or opinions. The creative content is innovative and recreational. It can be academic, professional, journalistic, or technical, but it all provides its readers a sense of entertainment. The writing style is free-flowing, and it keeps the reader engaged and offers the writers liberty to express the emotions or paint a beautiful picture in the reader’s mind with creative words.

The creative content writings are used across blogs, magazines, newspapers, websites, novels, handbooks, and newsfeeds. Creative written content offers multiple benefits including, developing a business, creating awareness, and sharing knowledge. It brings the reader’s attention, increases the credibility, and lingers in the mind of the readers for an extended period.

Thus, knowing what type of creative content writing is best, let’s look at six unique types of creative content writers that everyone should know about.


A well-written press release can bring valuable media attention and leave the option to shape the story through the company itself. This serves as a perk promotion tool as it generates demand and interest, especially when you regularly optimize the press releases. It’s a great content marketing tool which also brings a brand or business good publicity.


Nowadays, email marketing is a massive part of an accomplished marketing plan for businesses. It’s a convenient form of communication for brands and businesses. It has a straight contact with its target audience. The email writing has value-focused, or sales email offers emails and lead generations emails.


The objective of an advertising script is to offer a product or service the way for selling commercially. A good advertisement script keeps the customer’s attention, develops brand recognition, and allures the audience to advertise the product or service. When writing an advertising script, the word is less, but its productivity has to be amplified. Hiring a creative content writing team is perfect for an ideal advertising campaign within your budget and fulfills the need to meet your target market.


Ghostwriting is not an ideal word and sounds a little mysterious, but it is just a type of writing content for another person without the writer taking the credit for it. Let’s say you demand a new copy for a website – or this purpose you can hire a ghostwriter to rewrite and revamp the existing copy. Ghostwriting also consist of ad or business copies, eBooks and revamping materials for professional and personal use. Ghostwriters can also get hired to write books. If authors of the book want to share some credits with the ghostwriter, they can list the ghostwriter as the co-author or editor; however, ghostwriter write books for the author to receive the credit entirely. The ghostwriter is hired to develop high-quality writing copies that read professionally and creatively.


Video content is any type of content format that features or adds a form of video. The general form of the video content  includes vlogs, animated GIFs, customer testimonials, live videos, webinars, and recorded presentations. The creative content can be published in multiple forms of video on social platforms. Today, video has become one of the strongest marketing tool.


A well-written script offers structure and direction in your podcast episodes. Receiving an outline and a written direction for your show can help you in utilizing it for an ideal target audience. The podcast script help deliver your marketing or content in the form of a message that looks casual, creative, and free-flowing. Every company is trying to level up its game with unique and creative content marketing in today’s business world. Any campaigns with no quality of uniqueness or freshness are easy to forget. The content plays a vital role in developing a healthy and long-term rapport with your audience. To enhance your brand value, you have to pay close attention to conveying your ideas to your customers.

The creative content covers multiple ranges of writing formats and styles. The core purpose of creative content writing is to express your ideas, uniqueness, and thoughts through literary tools. Maximizing the creative content to receive results optimized is one of the best marketing strategies to adopt today.

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