This Is The Future Of Book Publishing!!!

by Melissa Norman
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Self-book publishing is a new way for authors to do the publishing procedures themselves. It includes printing, editing, proofreading, formatting, cover designs, and book marketing. They either do it themselves or hire professionals to do it on their behalf. It is done without the help of a traditional publisher or a big five book publishing company.

Multiple book authors cannot afford to publish their books. Thus, self-publishing makes it easier to publish their work on a low budget.

Traditionally, when it’s about publishing a book, it was previously possible through one of the selective Big 5 publishers. Then came self-publications, which is an outmoded way that entailed paying upfront for hundreds of books.

In the time of Amazon and other platforms, which gave self-publication a boost by “print on demand”. The new publishing option was discarded due to the publishers’ upfront payment options. Which bought a boom among the authors by publishing their work. The new writers trying to make a name for themselves transferred towards self-publishing platforms, including Amazon’s KDP.

Multiple authors did not know about publishing according to industry standards and marketing techniques to be successful. Due to this, many self-published books never made it to a bookstore or did not receive shoutouts from bloggers. The cluster of the poor quality self-published book meant authors with good quality work suffered to get noticed by their target audience.

Apart from the cluster in the self-publishing industry, many authors gained press attention and recognition for their outclass work. These authors came from a strong digital marketing and graphic designing background. Developing outstanding graphics and social media engagement campaigns. Others who did not have this knowledge or skill but could hire a digital marketer also received success. Some authors couldn’t hire either searched for middle ground among self-publishing and endlessly querying an agent who may ask the big five publishing for queries.


  • Higher royalty rates.
  • Goodbye to traditional publishers.
  • Control your own publication.
  • Get more time to focus.
  • Control cost.
  • Publishers already have a platform.
  • Online mass readers.
  • Self-Book Publishers can make your book better.


However, the independent publishers work the same way as the Big 5 publishers. They are more open to various authors and genres. Their publication catalogs provide a wider breadth of genres customized towards the current trends and reader enjoyment instead of just chasing the award for the best book publishing house.

There are multiple publishers who specialize in a particular genre, more that belong to the romance genre. However, these people work with a smaller budget and offer authors a higher royalty percentage. The authors receive the income sooner than they would with a bigger publisher. They work directly with authors instead of through an agent. Such as the big five publishing are pretty selective on the work they choose to publish and have very few publication guidelines. They are author-friendly in every way possible.


The independent publishers are similar to vanity publishers. However, there are multiple key distinctions to consider. The first distinction is when the publishers earn the revenue.

The vanity publishers demand the authors to pay before the publication and marketing. In contrast, the independent publishers share the book royalties after publishing the offer upfront advances through royalties, just like the bigger publishing houses do.

The independent publishers develop a partnership with the authors and create a marketing and publishing strategy to assure these authors succeed.

Another distinction is how the role of a publishing company acts. The vanity publishers act as the go-between for the authors to support them to find reputable editors and cover artists. They assist the marketing and distribution. This responsibility often falls on the authors and not on the publishing houses. The authors can face the financial risk of publications because they are paying the production cost as well.

The independent publishers take the entire financial risk of publication and assist with the marketing, distribution, and book production.


As a writer, when I published my first book through self-publication. I observed that it did not cater to as much attention as it should. As I did not have knowledge about the marketing strategies and lacked knowledge for publications. Then I decided to go through the traditional book publishing procedures and talked with almost 100 publishers for my second book. But I heard back from a very few people who had limitations for my book.

This was when I decided to develop an independent publishing company to help all the authors who have a hard time with book publishing. We focused on authors with the book publishing industry in’s and out’s and observed a need for a business that focuses on diverse voices.

The company started in 2015. We dedicated an entire marketing department that helped the authors to receive the fame they needed. We helped many authors to be on the Top 100 list in their respective categories on Amazon. Today, self-book publishing has received huge hype in the digital world. There are independent book publishing houses that support and encourage authors to work confidently. The author makes a positive influence in the world one at a time with their books.


The diversity of inclusive books is important for creating a positive impact globally. Ending the traditional ways for authors to publish their books. Every author deserves a chance to showcase their writing talents. The independent publishers entered with a starting point to ensure all authors’ hard work is read, enjoyed, and appreciated by their targeted reading audience. For the last multiple years, some publishers have been focusing on emerging marginalized voices.

Reading is important even more than ever. According to sources, book readership increased by 30% compared to the previous year. Individuals are searching for new stories to capture their attention and test their beliefs. This is why independent publishers continued to forge partnerships with the traditional undervalued authors and united voices. They select those who deliver a new perspective and essential dialogues for people to learn and be inspired from.

With more readers wanting to be seen and heard, there is no wonder that readership is increasing every day. The independent publishers are the publisher’s future for a world where everyone can be read and heard.

Are you an author who wants to publish a book? However, stressing how you can make it to the reading chart? The best way is to write your mind and let self-book publishing houses take care of the publication.

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