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How to Create a Wikipedia Page for Your Company | My City Content

How to Create a Wikipedia Page for Your Company

by Melissa Norman
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These days, everyone is opting to have their Wikipedia page as it offers a genuine and authentic impression on the readers, customers, and audiences. Wikipedia is an outstanding third-party source for ranking on the page Google. When you search for someone with an intended keyword, you do not have to scroll down the next page once you see its Wikipedia page.

Wikipedia is much more than just a channel for brand awareness. It is a well-recognized website, and customers would want to throw your Wikipedia page to learn more about you as an individual or a business. If you want to boost your business visibility, let us offer you an easy guide for creating your own Wikipedia page.


Are you a business, a brand, or an individual? We will help you by guiding you on having your own Wikipedia page through these easy steps.

  1. Create Your Account on Wikipedia.
  2. Get Promoted by An Autoconfirmed User.
  3. Develop The Page.
  4. Provide Citations.
  5. Submit The Page For Reviews.
  6. Update It Regularly.


The first step is to create an account by going to Wikipedia’s homepage. Create an account through an option offered on the top right side. Add all the necessary details, including your username and password. Once it is done, click “Create your account.”


Once your account is created on Wikipedia, you will be welcomed with a pop-up that states, “Help Improve Wikipedia.” Through a link to start editing an article. Before you create your page, you need to be an autoconfirmed user.

It is in the traditional Wikipedia guideline for an autoconfirmed user. This is what Wikipedia states, “Although the precise requirements for autoconfirmed status vary according to circumstances, most English Wikipedia user accounts that are more than four days old and have made at least ten edits (including deleted ones) are considered autoconfirmed.

This step requires a little patience. You would need to spend the first couple of days after you have opened your account. Editing other people’s pages by clicking “Edit a page.” Links are provided on the top right of each paragraph with the word “Edit,” and it is not a time-consuming task. It might be a little frustrating as you may be too excited or eager to create your page, but you need patience. Once Auto-confirmed, it is time for the next step.


This is the most challenging part for you. It’s time to create the page. First, go to Wikipedia’s “Writing an article” page. Once you scroll down through the page, you will witness a blue button that says, “Article Wizard: an easier way to create an article.” Click this button only when you are an autoconfirmed user. The next thing is when you will be re-directed to Wikipedia’s Article Wizard. You have two options over here,

  • Instantly start creating your page by clicking the “Next” or
  • Practice edits your page in Wikipedia’s Sandbox.

For our objectives, we will click the Next button.

This is important to know that there is no Wikipedia page existing for your company. You can only add little details. You will want to well-structure your page readability, featuring as one of the most essential and basic information. Such as starting with what you do as an individual or what does your business do? And so on and on.


Wikipedia is a complete encyclopedia. This is why to offer validity to your topic. You have to add citations to multiple articles and third-party sources. Before you start developing your page, Wikipedia states, “the topic of an article must already be covered in reliable sources that are independent of the subject. These include journals, books, newspapers, magazines, and websites with a reputation for fact-checking. Social media, press releases, or corporate/professional profiles do not qualify.” Citations offer you credibility and allow the readers to believe in your business or as an individual for real. Search for magazines or newspaper articles that mention your company. Other websites also work backlinks to your website as a confirmed resource or directories that link you to your business profile.


After completing, submit it for the review. Once Wikipedia considers it as a credible source, they will upload it.


Congratulations, by this step, your Wikipedia page is completed. However, the work is not done here. As your Wikipedia page starts ranking on-page on Google for your business name, it is essential that you regularly update it to assure that it offers the most right and up-to-date details regarding your products and services. By updating it regularly with the company developments, you maintain the transparency to comfort your customers and leads.


There are multiple benefits of having a Wikipedia page. Such as,

  1. You can develop or edit your business, brand, or biography postings on its website.
  2. Your brand or as an individual will have significant improvements in terms of reputation.
  3. Wikipedia pages add a level of prestige, credibility, and authenticity to your business or persona.
  4. It offers you with additional and credible website presence which would depict your business with integrity.
  5. Offers a boost in sales and positive impressions.
  6. Upgrades your visibility in the search engine results.
  7. Your business receives an auto-SEO boast on Google. (It’s free of cost.)


Wikipedia has a strict policy of removing or flagging Wikipedia pages. It does not allow you to develop biased or promotional content. This is why you have to follow its guidelines.
To know their guidelines for creating your Wikipedia page. Here is a short and straightforward guide.


Here as the four critical guidelines for developing a Wikipedia page.

Make sure your business is famous, and someone has published articles or news about your business or company that are available online.

Make your Wikipedia account.

In this step, do a detailed search for finding informative articles on your business, persona, and brands. It should be articles related to your company and should be present online. It would be an excellent idea to take the articles from an online trading magazine, online newspapers, and magazines.

  • Do not add your essays or original research in citations.
  • Do not pull much information directly from your website unless you are a big business like Apple or Kmart.
  • The outside source citation proves that your business is well-known.
  • Do not advertise or market your business in your own postings.
  • If you do not have a lot of published articles, consider conducting a public relations outreach and publishing the new relevant content before having your Wikipedia page.

If all the above three guidelines are good to go, then you can create the Wikipedia page.


A quick google search offers us much information. It includes social media, directories, and press releases. This is why you should update your Wikipedia page. You are recovering the bases and offering viewers a good source of details related to your business and brands.

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