5 Content Writing Services Tips To Get Back Better Content

by Melissa Norman
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Are you running a small and independent business? Or someone who’s happily generating billions in profits. No matter what you are doing, the most important thing for your business is to create unique content for your business. Many brands rely on website content writing services to offer engaging, informative, SEO-friendly Content in the digital era.


You must be wondering, what is a content writing Service? And why do you need it for your business? Let me explain this to you in-depth.

Content writing was surfaced in the early 1990s and with an exponential rise in online activities. The content writing services took a hike by forming a company that offers services such as blog writing for websites, website content writing, marketing content, white papers, press releases, research-based articles, proof-reading and editing services, eBook writing, social media content, product descriptions, copywriting Content and many more.

  • A content creation tool: These tools help create Content for your business and improve your existing Content to engage an audience with your website. However, not many brands prefer this as this is done through bots.
  • Outsourced content: You can outsource your content work to these services. The content writing services use freelancers and agencies for creating SEO articles and content editing.

As a running business, you have to produce unique content. Content for your customers to remain interested in your brand, product, and services. The unique uploaded Content also helps brands rank their website on Google search engines through SEO – search engine optimization. Your target audience is online and would probably want to keep on hearing from you in multiple ways. Many brands outsource their content creation to a content writing service. It is convenient and best to work with professionals who know what makes Content engaging and rank on the search engines.


To receive the most out of your content services, you need to provide a brief to the service with relevant and enough details for the writers to understand your brand demands and your objectives. Be sure to tell your outsource content writing services about your goals, target audience, competition, and keywords.


This is simple. You need to ensure that your objectives for the Content are clear. For example, you are a brand selling electronic massaging chairs. Now you would want your audience to know how your product can help them and what special features your product offers. This is what you need to tell your outsource content writing services too. So, the Content can be on-point, clear, and concise for the target audience.

You can maintain a marketing calendar online to share your goals and objectives. The writers will update the calendar and show you how they produce and work parallel to the deadline. Once you hire a content writing service, you can be in contact with them and ensure that they are working around your ideas and goals.


Once you have a crystal-clear understanding of your content objectives, the next thing to focus on is your target audience. You need to specify who the audience is for your Content. For these things, you have to consider the following:

  • Who are they?
  • How old are they?
  • What education do they have?
  • How will they consume your Content?
  • What type of Content do they respond well to?
  • What other businesses do they engage with?

Your target audience is the most essential demographic for your brand. Businesses that spend a good time adjusting to Google to rank have nothing more crucial than knowing your audience and what Content they respond well to. For example, there is a small point in writing a high piece of Content about the benefits of massaging chairs when your audience wants to know why they should purchase the chair from your brand instead of someone else? This is why you need to know your audience.

When it’s about content creation, you have to know every aspect of your business or hobby. This is unnecessary for engagement purposes only, but it also helps you see what your competitors are up to and compare their audience with your own.


Your audience and objectives were the first two things you had to understand in-depth and explain to the content writing services. You need to understand what keywords you need to use and ask the outsource content writing services.

This can be done two-ways. Either you provide them with your own set of keywords used in the Content, or you could ask them to do it for you. Choosing your keywords can be a difficult task, and there are multiple things to consider while selecting your keywords. The content writing services can do this as they have experience in this category and must do so for many years.

I will provide you with the four types of keywords you need to know about. Starting with,

  • Short Tail Keywords

Short-tail keywords are any search phrase with a single word or two. These are concise, short, and general. For example, these could be “Massaging Chair” or “Electronic Massagers.” These are useful for generic Content, such as product pages and blogs.  

  • Long-Tail Keywords

The long-tail keywords are longer in search terms. They are traditionally more particular on the topic and clarify what the users from their search engines. For example, “Massaging Chair For Sales In Reasonable Prices.” Or “Affordable Massaging Chair For Sale.” Now, this makes it loud and clear that the user is searching to purchase a chair reasonably. These keywords work well for specific Content such as a Category or product filter page and are best for generic blogs Content.

  • Product-Specific Keywords

The product-specific keywords in search terms only focus on the name of the product which needs attention. For example, “Electronic Massaging Chair 9210.” These are productive keywords for product pages, which are less useful for the generic category pages and blogs.

  • Geo-Targeting Keywords

The Geo-targeting keywords in search terms are focused on a location. If the user is looking for something with the local intent, such as “Massaging Chair Near me.” These keywords are about a particular area you offer your product or service, so they are more focused on location and blog pages.


Even when you think everything is perfect from your end, you still need to have an eye-ball rolling on to see what your competitors are doing? Maybe they are doing something better or creative? You could always benefit by acknowledging how your competitors are reaching out to their audience. When you are ready to write the content brief, it is a good idea to list your competitors and any thoughts on your Content. Do not plagiarize your competitors Content or use their tone in your Content. What you can do is do something better, same yet original. The end-tone should be yours.


This is important to remember that outsourcing content writing is not an act of defeat. The Content consumes time and practice, and not every brand’s marketing team is capable of it. Just think of it as a pair of eyeglasses for a better view. At least, this is what I feel. Maybe your team is lacking somewhere, and the outsource team can assist you with it. As a freelance writer myself, I often highlight the minor mistakes that a business is making and that minor mistake is causing them to act low on their sales. Outsourcing content is easy, productive, and brings good results for your business.

If you want to outsource your content writing services, you could always hit my email and ask me for more creative advice. I will be more than happy to help you with it. My readers often email me to ask me for tips to help them write their Content.

If you are thinking of writing your Content compared to outsourcing, there are a few tips that I can suggest to you. Let’s get started,


When it’s about communicating with your target audience, be simple and realistic. This approach will help you much better as compared to focusing on sounding fancy and unrealistic. Your audience does not want to know how fancy you are but how you can help them with your products or services. Does your audience want to know why they should hire from you? And how your products or services are better than your competitors. This is why to own a tone that is original and speaks the core aim of your business. In the fast world of today, the user attention span is 3 seconds; within the first 3-seconds of scrolling, your user decides whether they have to stick to your Content or leave it. If you sound original, unique, and concise. Your users would be happy to continue reading.


We all make mistakes. If you are writing your brand content for the first time, you would want it to be the best, but you do not have the desired experience. This is why you might make a mistake or two. It is alright!! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to make the Content look perfect for the first time you are publishing it. If you think, after publishing, you made a mistake, revise and re-optimize it.


This is important to remember that your keywords play a vital role; however, the days of spamming your website pages with random keywords are long-gone. Your Content needs the best keywords for the location and search frequency.


Let’s say you have published a blog six months before, now within these six months, the keyword might be changed, or some advancement must have been made. This is why you have to re-use and re-optimize these pieces by updating your keywords. Do not be scared to change your keyword focus as the search or keyword you chose is no longer relevant. You can also add additional keywords into the Content to ensure that you don’t take out any key phrases or original keywords.


If you are creating content for yourself or outsourcing the best content writing services, focus on developing engaging Content that is essential for every business. 

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