Tips on Choosing a Memoir Ghostwriting Service for Your Book

by Melissa Norman
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Tips on Choosing a Memoir Ghostwriting Service for Your Book

Multiple authors think, writing a memoir is about sharing their personal life stories. However, it’s much more than that. Writing a memoir is a therapeutic procedure that demands you to ask hard questions and dig into your life’s hard and uncomfortable places. When you work with a ghostwriter on a memoir, it is like working with a therapist. It would help if you had a writer with specialized skills who understood you and got the story out of you. It cannot be just an excellent writer or an interviewer. They demand the ability to assist you in exploring ideas, thoughts, feelings, and moments in your life that you may have never seen before.  

This blog will show you the capabilities and qualities to search for in a qualified memoir ghostwriter. In addition, I’ll assist you through such ways that could help you avoid hiring the wrong writer – I aim to ensure you don’t waste your time, money, and emotional energy along with the procedure.  

Here I cover,  


There are two qualities that your memoir ghostwriter should possess. Experience and empathy. Whether you look for a ghostwriter yourself or use a ghostwriting services company. The ghostwriter you select must have these expert qualities in them.  

  1. Experience Writing Memoirs

    The procedure of ghostwriting a memoir is unique from regular non-fictional book writing. Hiring a ghostwriter who never wrote one is like hiring a chef who never cooked.  Someone who has the experience of writing self-help or business books, for example, doesn’t fit the expertise to guide you through the complex, valuable conversations that a good memoir consumes. Scribes have potential ghostwriters who write valuable books but would not good memoirs. This is why we only unite memoir customers with ghostwriters who hold years of experience in writing memoirs. They have created a therapist skill set to receive the authors for opening up, being vulnerable, and sharing deeply personal stories about their lives. In addition, many of the memoirs’ writers have experience writing their memoirs. If you can search for someone who’s walked down the path for themselves, they would understand what it consumes and be able to guide you. 

  2. Empathy For The Author 

    The second most crucial part a memoir ghostwriter should have is a high level of empathy. If they do not hold the empathetic skills or they don’t have compassion for you, they wouldn’t be a good choice. However, just empathy is not enough. You would need someone not afraid to ask you the complicated questions and go into the hard places because this is where the best memoirs come from. They need to hold empathy and compassion for you while holding potential boundaries that push you to go deeper. It is a unique skill set that is not common for people. However, great memoir ghostwriters have this 100% at all times.  


These are the two main types of memoirs ghostwriting services:  

  1. Individual Freelancers:

    The independent ghostwriters who provide personal memoir services such as Ghostwriting services.  

  2. Ghostwriting Service Companies: 

    The business that holds a network of ghostwriters, you can select from. To decide which one is best for you, you need to understand their differences.  


The benefit of working with a ghostwriter who offers ghostwriting service is that it is significantly easier to negotiate the price, which is often the primary concern. In addition, there are no hidden charges involved as a big ghostwriting service company. Therefore, you could receive an affordable rate when hiring a ghostwriting service company. If you have the practice to hire a freelance ghostwriter service, then this is a great option. However, many people hold zero experience vetting and negotiating with ghostwriters.  

It could be tough hiring the correct type of writer for first-time memoirs. You would need to spend a lot of time and effort searching for potential candidates through multiple writer’s profiles and websites. Also, if you have never hired a ghostwriter before, you wouldn’t know what to search for or how to vet it properly. As you go through various profiles, it wouldn’t be clear who is genuine. You could do interviews of the writers, evaluate how they display their work samples, and negotiate terms.  

As told, you have to spend 50+ hours on this procedure. As a writer myself, I can tell you how many customers would have bad experiences hiring the wrong writers even after following a careful approach. I received the work of previous writers, and let me tell you. It’s worse than ever. While there is a chance to get a low price, the cost of your time and efforts during the hiring procedures are high, and the possibility of receiving a lousy match is too. It is why I recommend the service companies for immature people searching and vetting ghostwriters.  

If you have decided to hire an individual ghostwriter, we will cover everything you have to know about.  

  • Where to search for them.  
  • How to tell if they’re good for you.  
  • Things to figure out if they would be a good fit for you.  
  • How to negotiate the terms and hire them.  


The benefits of working with businesses versus individuals are that it is their job to investigate and take the entire headache. But, unfortunately, their cost is a little higher than ever. Working with a business can surely cost you a little extra; however, you can have the relief of having the correct type of writer for your memoir.  

Even if the ghostwriter does not fit right, the responsible business can pair you immediately with a new one. However, hiring the wrong type of ghostwriter won’t work out. First, you have to communicate with them and ensure there are no refunds and replacements for writers to fall back on. Then, you have to go through the entire hiring procedure to hire the second writer and pay both writers equally.  


Publishing is not included when you hire a writer on a freelance basis. Instead, they focus on ghostwriting services. Once they have completed the memoir, they hand the file to you, and their work is done. At the same time, a professional Ghostwriting service company would offer you editing, proofreading, and publishing services as well. It would make your work much more manageable.  


Five main things are offered by an expert ghostwriting service. No matter which company it is,  

  1. The only responsible company working through its location on your memoir; it is acknowledged as the therapeutic method – It is not just narrating a story about your life. They develop it into a technique that our ghostwriters interview the client and work with them the entire way.
  2. The ghostwriting services connect Authors with dedicated ghostwriters who hold professional experience writing memoirs.
  3. The ghostwriting services are meticulous in hiring ghostwriters. Their procedures are strict in which they evaluate the writers and ensure they hire the best ones for their clients. 
  4. The ghostwriting service company offers a money-back guarantee which means if you don’t like the memoir, you can ask for a full refund. (This option is not provided through freelance memoir writers.)
  5. The ghostwriting service company provides a self-publishing procedure as part of the entire package. (It means you don’t have to pay extra.) 

If you are ready to write your memoir, it is time to schedule with a consultant who can get you started on your journey. If you need more information, contact us, and we will guide you through the best companies for writing your memoir.

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