Why Do Medium-Sized Book Publishing Houses Still Exist?

by Melissa Norman
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Why do medium-sized book publishing houses still exist

Well, today we are here with the question, “Why do medium-sized book publishing houses still exist?” It is because big publishers leave a lot of money on the table that self-and small-publishers do not have. They don’t have the knowledge or the resources or contacts either.  


Medium-sized book publishing houses still exist due to numerous reasons. First of all, they have a niche that others don’t understand in such depth that these medium-sized book publishers do. They also have a stable lead of established authors owning modest sales that do not attract the big publishers.  


Medium-sized book publishing houses work in unique ways to maximize perceived value, perhaps through the design, the editorial organization, or through their innovative manufacturing. According to multiple authors, these publishers have unique marketing methods such as carton sales to businesses or special sales to specialized communities. They have the urge to do better every day and this is why they focus on growth. They maximize the right sales in ways that big publishers do not drill down to. Foreign language sales, first serial or electronic rights, or database publishing. These guys have successful subscription and library sales models based on long-standing relationships. They have a level of quality that big publishers no longer care about and self-publishers don’t understand. Such as high-quality and non-automated indexing.  

The publishing quality of hardcovers are good at picking them and getting influential reviews, and broker mass market rights to big publishers in effect they are agents in addition to publishers. The medium-sized book publishing houses are smarter, faster, and more cost-effective as compared to the big publishers.  



According to a daily reader, he says, he likes to read books that are published by medium-sized publishing houses as they introduce interesting and engaging books. Not everyone wants to read NY bestsellers. Some are looking for unique content that can be found published through medium-sized publishing houses. They provide better service to demanding authors than big publishers can in some areas as the production of scientific books. These people also publish in new fields that demand a higher knowledge curve and partner up with tech companies in engaging ways to offer better quality to their readers.

Publishing houses are known to sell more copies as compared to self-publishers because a substantial part of your sales come from brick-and-mortar stores. We are talking about “Other Than Amazon’s 13.” And from other distribution channels as compared to the online retailers. There are multiple authors out there that have good books that can bring in decent sales. While, the big guy may not be interested because they are habitual of larger profits, whereas the smaller houses are more willing to pick up these unknown authors and generate them into a nice income.  

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